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We peovide original dummy ticket which comes with a live PNR I Dummy ticket at just INR350 I B2b price- INR245 I 24*7 Hours Service I Workable in visa, immigration & other purposes.

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to buy A Dummy Ticket and another travel services?

Live PNR that can be checked on the airline website.

We are available to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We charge INR245 for a dummy ticket for B2B custoumers.

Quick delivery in less then 10 minutes.

What Is A Dummy Flight Ticket?

A dummy flight ticket is a legal document that is mainly used for visa and immigration purposes. A dummy ticket is also known as ... a flight reservation or fake flight ticket. A dummy flight ticket is actually a hold ticket for which payment is not made. The dummy air ticket comes with a live PNR, which you can check on the airline's website via Manage My Booking or Manage My Trip. Dummy air tickets provide embassies or consulates with all the information they need to be able to process your visa application and emigration clearence.

What Are The Uses Of Dummy Air Ticket?

Here are some uses of dummy air ticket:- Visa submission / Application, Immigration clearence Or Proof of return Or Onward travel, Expedite US ... and other countries passport renewal, Show company HR/ Manager for leave and other purposes, Exit visa procedures in many GCC countries, Rent a car, Serve as temporary proof of travel plans.

What Are The Benefits Of Carrying A Dummy Ticket For Visa And Immigration Clearance?

If you're organizing a trip, you don't need to ... purchase a ticket before submitting your visa application. Alternatively, you can show a flight itinerary that you can reserve without having to pay the entire cost of the ticket; after you receive your visa, you can buy the actual ticket. A dummy flight ticket is typically held in your name for a few weeks, so you can apply, pay for your plane ticket, and then wait for confirmation that your visa has been granted. Dummy flight tickets give consulates and embassies all the information they require to handle your visa application. Arrival date, Departure date, Your complete name, The name of the airline, The journey route, Booking reference. Since the dummy ticket satisfies all of the requirements for a visa, we can apply for one using it. The primary reason is that applying for a visa with a confirmed ticket is extremely risky. If your visa is rejected, then you will suffer a huge loss of money. So, to reduce the loss, we apply for a visa using a dummy ticket. In this way, if the date of your return is not fixed and you take a confirmed ticket, if you do not come on that particular date, then you will face a loss due to ticket cancellation. To avoid this loss, you should show a dummy ticket at the immigration counter as proof of return.

How To Book A Dummy Flight Ticket?

Select an option for whatever service you want to avail of, like a dummy ticket, a dummy hotel, or dummy ticket & hotel both.

Complete all of the details form, including the journey route, date, name, birthdate, contact information, email address, and so forth.

You have the option to pay here. You can easily use UPI, Paypal, or bank details to make payments.

What a surprise! Within ten minutes, you will receive your ticket as a PDF in your email or on WhatsApp, as mentioned in your order.

How To Book A Dummy Flight Ticket?


We Offer The Following Services

Dummy Ticket

$5 or ₹ 350 / Person

  • Live PNR.
  • Maximum of 2 flights.
  • Validity depends on your journey route and journey date. Generally, Valid for 1-2 week.
  • Quick delivery in less then 10 minutes.
  • $5 | ₹350

Dummy Hotel

$3 or ₹ 250 / Person

  • Verfiable hotel reservation.
  • Maximum 30 days stay.
  • Valid 3 or 4 days prior to the check-in date.​
  • Quick delivery in less then 10 minutes.
  • $3 | ₹250

Dummy Ticket & Hotel Both

$8 or ₹ 600 / Person

  • All dummy flight ticket benefits.
  • All hotel reservation benefits.
  • Discounted price.
  • $8 | ₹600

Travel Insurance

$4 or ₹ 300 / Person

  • Dummy insurance for visa & immigration clearence at just INR300/$4.
  • Actual insurance- Starting price: INR349
  • Claimable actual insurance
  • Quick delivery in less then 10 minutes
  • $4 | ₹300

Actual Flight Ticket & Hotel Booking

$4 or ₹ 300 / Person

  • Actual ticket- Starting price: INR899/$9.
  • Actual hotel booking- Starting price: INR299/$4.
  • Cheapest price in the market.
  • Quick delivery in less then 10 minutes.
  • $4 | ₹300

Past Dated Ticket

$4 or ₹ 300 / Person

  • Only generated ticket.
  • Without live PNR.
  • Only for show.
  • $4 | ₹300

Reachable Ticket

$17 or ₹ 1200 / Person

  • Best seller in the market.
  • For visa submission & immigration clearence.
  • Will remain valid until the customer reaches his destination.
  • Quick delivery in less then 10 minutes.
  • $17 | ₹1200

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